your smile that is like the sunshine
your fragrance that is like the wind, your warm breath
your bright eyes.. i like it

just looking at you, my heart flutters
seeing me like this, you always laugh
is this what love is? is this what happiness is?
making me open my eyes every morning

I smell a familiar fragrance in the air
The breeze that blew around you now blows across to me,
In my heart, maybe it was the light you made shine upon me
That light shields me from hurtful sorrows

Love you.... thinking of you now, I close my eyes again

I love you. If I could fill your two eyes
I love you. If I could show you my smiles
I could give you all the bright stars in the sky 
I love you. If I could show you my love
I love you. If you could teach me you heart
Id follow whatever you do

Love you, Love you, Love you
Only you 

I wish you’re my love. Come to me now
i get excited with me knowing it
i’m like this today too
even though i’m just a lucky star to you,
must i really say it’s love for you to know
i long for it this much.. 

The person that i’ll promise with forever is you